Olive Garden. National Gem? OR Safe option?

Olive Garden. National Gem? OR Safe option?

Went to Bloomington to checkout Hoosier Nation (IU Bloomington) and get Clifford’s windows tinted.

Thomas and I were hungry and thought Olive Garden was a safe option to get.

Olive Garden. Yes that Olive Garden.

In a massive college town, there had to be something else, but of course we chose Olive Garden.

Their BYOP (build-your-own-pasta) honestly is a safe option for vegeterians like some people I know.

Cavatappi with Three Cheese Marinara Sauce, and Veggies Please!

I am glad I have Olive Garden. Easy option to get when you want something better than Taco Bell but not wallet emptying expensive. Great vegeterian option I will always be ready to get.

Do not forget about the desert. Chocolate Mousse Cake is worth it.

Rating 8/10.