First Time at the Indy 500

First Time at the Indy 500

Thank you to the generous Rose donors who gave us tickets to the Indy 500. We had a great time watching it.

We also enjoyed the Hyderabad House before the race near College Park.

It started raining toward the end of the race and it was easier to leave before the whole crowd left.

What a loud race.

Olive Garden. National Gem? OR Safe option?

Olive Garden. National Gem? OR Safe option?

Went to Bloomington to checkout Hoosier Nation (IU Bloomington) and get Clifford’s windows tinted.

Thomas and I were hungry and thought Olive Garden was a safe option to get.

Olive Garden. Yes that Olive Garden.

In a massive college town, there had to be something else, but of course we chose Olive Garden.

Their BYOP (build-your-own-pasta) honestly is a safe option for vegeterians like some people I know.

Cavatappi with Three Cheese Marinara Sauce, and Veggies Please!

I am glad I have Olive Garden. Easy option to get when you want something better than Taco Bell but not wallet emptying expensive. Great vegeterian option I will always be ready to get.

Do not forget about the desert. Chocolate Mousse Cake is worth it.

Rating 8/10.

Model 3 RWD + Black Ice

Model 3 RWD + Black Ice

I thought it was a great idea to drive back during the night, right after a long day of finals.

In a Snow StormWith an Electric carWith All Season Tires facepalm

Terre Haute to Chicago literally has no Superchargers in between. You better hope you charged enough in Terre Haute and can make it at Merriville, or one of the other Chicagoland chargers.

I thought it was a fantastic idea to drive through the snow storm and try to reach Merriville. Boy was I wrong..

Clifford was slipping everywhere and we had to basically go 30-40 MPH to make it home. Terre Haute to Merriville was literally snow and black ice until about 5 miles before the charger. It was like snow did not exist.

Made it to the charger with under 2%, since I turned off all heating. Range Anxiety does exist!

Not trying this again..

God Tier Ice Cream

God Tier Ice Cream

I sort of abandoned this blog, but this ice cream made me so happy that I had to write about it.

Arrived in Cocoa Beach a day before the SpaceX CRS-15 Launch. Mom wanted mexican so we headed to the nearest place. Meal was great until desert.

Only one description for this ice cream: god tier.

I need to come back to Cocoa Beach just for this delicious meal again!

Rating: 10/10.

Austrian Engineering

Austrian Engineering

Not a food post, but a tech post.

In my pursuit of silence, went for some of the quietest fans on the market. Noctua did not disappoint one bit and kept the sound so low, while keeping my water cooler at a ice cold temperature.

Looking forward to more silence from the PC while running my models, doing homework, or just doing something!