Model 3 RWD + Black Ice

Model 3 RWD + Black Ice

I thought it was a great idea to drive back during the night, right after a long day of finals.

In a Snow StormWith an Electric carWith All Season Tires facepalm

Terre Haute to Chicago literally has no Superchargers in between. You better hope you charged enough in Terre Haute and can make it at Merriville, or one of the other Chicagoland chargers.

I thought it was a fantastic idea to drive through the snow storm and try to reach Merriville. Boy was I wrong..

Clifford was slipping everywhere and we had to basically go 30-40 MPH to make it home. Terre Haute to Merriville was literally snow and black ice until about 5 miles before the charger. It was like snow did not exist.

Made it to the charger with under 2%, since I turned off all heating. Range Anxiety does exist!

Not trying this again..